CranioSacral Therapy Tara testimonial

Tara S.


I scheduled an appointment with DeAnna at a time when I was experiencing disabling nerve pain and no longer felt like myself, I was 26 years old and was diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia, yet my symptoms were very different than the typical TN cases. I had a brain surgery scheduled, and then I backed out based on an instinct that I could heal my pain through the lens of healing trauma.

My approach was to commit myself fully to my healing. And over the past few years with consistent dedication and patience, I've been feeling more like myself than I can remember. I can live my life again, I’m in school again, and I can pursue my dreams again. I can go days and weeks without any pain, I feel free again.

And none of that would have been possible without DeAnna Castleberry. I have never met a healthcare practitioner more dedicated to the wellbeing and healing of her clients. She creates a safe, inviting, judgement free, caring, healing space for all her clients. I feel enveloped by a sense of peace and calm every time I walk into her office. I look forward to every session because although every session is different, it is an opportunity to drop in to myself.

To feel truly in my body, even if it’s just for an hour at first, is the most incredible feeling for me. I feel that invitation to be in my body every time I see DeAnna for CranioSacral, and now, more and more in my daily life. CranioSacral Therapy is more than skin deep, it is an opportunity for very deep healing, if you want.

Some of the magic here is the profound healing nature of CranioSacral Therapy, and part of the magic truly is in the healer, herself. DeAnna Castleberry is committed, compassionate, kind, and lives her life with a sense of purpose, being a healer.

PS: I want to say something like, take the dive, you are worth it! But then its starts to sound like a shampoo commercial, lol. In all seriousness, I am here doing what I’m doing because you helped me get here. I was tearing up while writing this testimonial, because I’ve been so focused on moving forward I forget how far I’ve come. I forget to pause and acknowledge the progress. I am so blessed that the universe sent me in your direction! I know it was for a reason, and I think the universe has even bigger plans
CranioSacral Therapy Ema testimonial

Ema G.

Science Teacher

I have been a client of DeAnna Castleberry’s for quite a few years now. I began seeing her on the advice of my therapist as DeAnna deals with various physical and energy modalities in her treatment. I have found DeAnna’s use of Energy Work and CranioSacral Therapy particularly helpful. One incident immediately comes to mind.
I had injured my back a few years ago (falling off of a ladder onto a concrete patio) and after traditional chiropractic care had “recovered.” However, about a year after the incident my back began to hurt almost constantly. I was already seeing DeAnna for energy work and she recommended I read "Your Inner Physician and You; CranioSacral Therapy and SomatoEmotional Release" by John E. Upledger. 

I read the book and various things really resonated with me, specifically “tissue memory” with respect to past physical injuries and I remembered my ladder accident. After one CST session my back stopped hurting completely!  This is well over 6 months ago!  I continue seeing DeAnna and working with her to heal my emotional traumas, as well as physical ones. I am deeply grateful for the healing DeAnna has facilitated in my life.
CranioSacral Therapy Janet testimonial

Janet I.

Accountant “Youthfully” retired

Living in “in my head” for the first 40+ years of my life took a toll on my spirit and wellbeing.  I was blessed to have connected with DeAnna ten years ago.  My CranioSacral Therapy sessions with DeAnna allowed me to fully integrate my mind, body, and soul to guide my life.  From day one, DeAnna sensed my exact needs and helped me find my true self.  Her amazing intuition is spot on and every session gives me more insight about how to listen to my body’s messages.  She is a truly gifted and generous person.    

Sylvia S.

Artist and teacher

DeAnna's distance healing practice is exactly what I need at this time when it is difficult to get to Sacramento. I have found that her intuitive way of working is as effective from afar as it is in her cozy office space. I first became interested in DeAnna's practice when I discovered she was trained in Zero Balancing and I have been working with her for over a year, healing very early trauma that arises from preverbal experiences I had in utero when my mother was given a drug. I am so pleased that DeAnna is now doing distance work as her very subtle and comprehensive energetic talents have been extremely beneficial to my physical, mental and spiritual health.  
CranioSacral Therapy Barbara testimonial

Barbara N.

Living with Kindness and Passion!

I have been in consultation with DeAnna for approximately 5 years.  I am in my 60s and have suffered physical and emotional trauma in my life that caused dysfunction in my body that had gone undiagnosed for years, even decades.  When I began CranialSacral therapy with DeAnna, I began to feel an ‘unwinding’ of the tension that I never recognized as tension before.  All I knew was I never felt well and sometimes felt so awful, it was physically debilitating.
Since I had experienced liver damage from pharmaceutical medication in the decades past, I was no longer taking any drugs and was on a journey of natural care and pain relief from natural sources.  I think that was a blessing to not have drugs in my body because the depth and intention of DeAnna’s work could be felt and when the unwinding began, miraculously, so did the healing.

In my years of treatment with DeAnna, she had continued education in her field and has brought to my consciousness exposure to energy and healing that has gone beyond my wildest dreams.

I didn’t understand the HOW to the treatment results I received in the beginning … and I still don’t.  I am willing to receive the treatment and benefits that enhance every part of my physical, emotional, and spiritual being and I have immense gratitude for her gift of healing.

Lisa S.

Sammamish, WA

DeAnna’s very calm energy brings you to your heart’s center swiftly and naturally. I first saw DeAnna in January 2020 after I had a double deviated septum surgery 5 months earlier and didn’t recover as quickly as expected. I’d been on several rounds of antibiotics and steroid rinses since August, and no relief.
DeAnna did a combination of Visceral and CranioSacral Therapy on my nose. It had scar tissue from the surgery, which was causing the stuffiness. DeAnna worked on me two times and after the first session I had some relief. After the second session my nose felt completely free and I could truly breathe again. I haven’t had to take any medication since then. 

In April, I had long distance CranioSacral Therapy session from DeAnna: my body felt knotted from several days of yard work and she guided me through the areas of my body that were stuck with pain. As she scanned the body and guided me to focus on specific areas, I started to feel pain in other areas, which she sensed without me telling her. We paused in those areas and she helped me work through the pain.

Allowing yourself to be in that sacred space in open communion with your body and breath without judgment and attachment is freeing and healing. As we moved through the physical pain, a few painful childhood memories arose, memories that were connected to the physical pain and that I had pushed down. They clearly needed to be addressed and as I acknowledged the memories, I could feel them release.

DeAnna has such a way about her that brings you to this space where you feel open without judgment. I didn’t need to share the memories with her for her to help me. The session was such a freeing experience in my body memory. Weeks later, I still feel rejuvenated and healthy. DeAnna is my go-to person for all cranial work. Thank goodness for long distance healing!
CranioSacral Therapy Gay testimonial

Gay S.

Staff Services Manager II, State of California, Retired

Back in 2003/2004 I overheard a coworker telling another person about a massage therapist, whom she referred to as a “witch doctor” and who just seemed to know intuitively what and where the problem areas were on your body without you even needing to tell her. I decided to get her name and number so I could give her a try for lower back issues I had been dealing with since 2001.

Long story short, DeAnna is the only thing that helped me get through my last three years of work until I retired in 2007.
Fast forward to 2012/2013, I had developed a really bad case of sciatica that had gone all the way down my right leg and into my foot. Sometimes I couldn’t walk because the pain was so great and my leg would give out from under me.

I had been to my doctor and they did different tests, even to a surgeon, who thankfully wouldn't operate based on my x-rays and MRI. The last straw was when they sent me to a neurologist for nerve testing in my leg and once again, the results came back showing nothing wrong.

I was very frustrated and kept asking why, if “nothing was wrong,” I was in so much pain and kept having trouble walking! Being at my wits end, I called DeAnna. She wasn’t doing massage any longer and explained that her CranioSacral work wouldn’t be a quick fix, it would take time. I have been seeing her ever since.

It had taken me many years to get my body to this point and I understood that it would take time to correct the damage. I started out seeing her on a weekly basis, then moved to every other week and now I see her once a month to make me and my body happy.

I always tell my husband, and he knows I’m serious, I will give up everything else I spend money on before I’ll give up my visits to DeAnna. She has taken me from being in pain when walking to being able to train and climb Half Dome for my 65th birthday! 

DeAnna is a highly trained practitioner who continues to study and educate herself to improve the quality of healing she provides and to learn additional modes of healing. She is also the most gentle, kind-hearted, caring person you will ever meet. I highly recommend DeAnna Castleberry for taking care of your body and returning it to a healthier state!
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