DeAnna Castleberry Growth requires change


We all have the fundamental need to grow.  Growth requires change and change requires action. 

Do you pay attention to what naturally expands you? 

Who We Serve

Our clients often experience:
  • Chronic pain, migraines, neck pain, TMJ
  • Central Nervous System Disorders 
  • Neurovascular Disorders
  • Sleep difficulties or depression, any kind of increased anxiety, stress, or tension
  • Physical stress: accidents, injuries, falls, and traumas
  • Emotional stress: grief and loss of finances, relationship, job, tragedy
  • Chemical stress: bacteria, viruses, blood sugar imbalance and environmental surroundings

Upcoming Classes

Beginning in March, every Tuesday at 4:30 pm and 6:30 pm, for 45-60 minutes - except March 16th - DeAnna will begin facilitating the clearing of a different energetic system each week for eight weeks. The fee is $25 per group clearing, or $80 for four sessions for the month, a savings of $20.

Week 1: Layers System
Week 2: The HEMF
Week 3: The Template
Week 4: The Elimination System
Week 5: Blended Energies System (Chakras)
Week 6: The Bones of Light
Week 7: Harmonizing Network
Week 8: To be Determined

You can find out more class details and register here. This class will be shared via Zoom with those present. It will not be recorded.


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Benefits of Working with Us

Benefits are as unique as each individual client. Generally, we hear positive reports of healing, such as:
  • decreased pain
  • feeling better overall
  • feeling held and grounded in their body 
  • feeling safe in their body
  • feeling comforted and soothed
  • feeling more awake
  • having a sense of increased mental awareness and mindfulness
  • experiencing increased mental and visual clarity


DeAnna Castleberry CranioSacral Gay testimonial
Gay S.

“I will give up everything else I spend money on before I’ll give up my visits to DeAnna. She has taken me from being in pain when I walk to being able to train and climb Half Dome for my 65th birthday!
She is also the most gentle, kind-hearted, caring person you will ever meet.”

DeAnna Castleberry CranioSacral Barbara testimonial
Barbara N.

“When I began CranialSacral therapy with DeAnna, I began to feel an ‘unwinding’ of the tension that I never recognized as tension before... [DeAnna] has brought to my consciousness exposure to energy and healing that has gone beyond my wildest dreams.”

DeAnna Castleberry CranioSacral Tara testimonial
Tara S.

“I feel enveloped by a sense of peace and calm every time I walk into the office ... I am here, doing what I’m doing, because you helped me get here. I was tearing up while writing this testimonial, because I’ve been so focused on moving forward I forget how far I’ve come.”


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