Transpersonal Life Coaching with Nicolle Johnson

In addition to managing and facilitating at Dynamic Journeys, Nicolle does Transpersonal Life Coaching focusing on communication, personal accountability, personal empowerment, and helping clients to write their own “Owner’s Manual”. 

Nicolle has a degree in Genetics from UC Davis and has studied multiple modalities such as ThetaHealing, Shamanic Practitioner Training, Personality Color Indicator/Ritberger Personality Method, Reiki, Aloha Mā Mentorship, Violence Interventionist Program Facilitator, Certified Addiction Specialist Training, Brainspotting, and others.

We are asked to learn math, history, literature which are wonderful things to know but to know the self is where you find your personal power.  Lao Tzu said, “Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom.”

The gifts of self-knowledge are true personal empowerment and an intrinsic sense of safety.  When we know who we are and accept ourselves completely, we have true love for our self.  This self-love allows us to offer mutual respect and love to others and allows us to stop competing and comparing ourselves to others and to embrace collaboration and community with others.     

Everyone’s dynamic journey requires individual support and consideration.  Nicolle works with you to customize her coaching program based on the specific person and their needs.  There are many reasons to seek Life Coaching from getting more organized in your life and utilizing your time for things that are meaningful and bring you joy, to creating a deeper personal spiritual understanding by reflecting your truth and helping you to see what is hidden from you so that you can better resource to heal and live a meaningful and fulfilling life. 

Drawing on her diverse background and your diverse background, she implements varied ways to improve communication in relationships, to make changes you want to your life, to identify and heal patterns no longer serving you, create action plans to achieve goals, to explore knowing yourself at a deeper level to access your whole self to have more of you available to live the life you want, and more.   

An initial session is 90 minutes for individuals and couples/groups.  A follow up session can be 60 or 90 minutes for individuals and 90 or 120 minutes for couples/groups. 

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