News June 2020

Supporting your dynamic healing journey in these stressful times

I hope this reaches you in good health and that you’re finding creative ways to fill your time and make connections in these unusual times. One way I decided to stay connected with you is to send out periodic newsletters with information on how to support your dynamic healing journey.

It has been over two months since the shelter-in-home has been in effect. California has begun its phases for re-opening and the California Association for Massage Therapy Committee (CAMTC) is closer to informing us of an estimated return-to-work (RTW) date. In the meantime, I am  working part-time in a Rehab Facility as Physical Therapy is considered an “essential” practice and I started to offer distant healing - more about that in a moment.

New Website and Scheduling System

I have busied myself with a web designer to create a newly designed website and online scheduling system to bring part of my practice current with the time.
And yes, I have taken a few online classes: CranioSacral Therapy (CST) the Twelve Cranial Nerves, Presenters workshop to begin offering up to a two-day introduction to CST, several CST review and study classes including CST and the Immune Response, a Human Dissection class, and an Intensive on Long Distance Healing. Phew!

Between classes and taking care of business necessities, I have completed work around the inside and outside of my home that I share with my sister.
Aside from all those activities, I have been in deep contemplation about the future of my practice, which ultimately brought me to add Long Distance sessions to my calendar

New Offer: Distance Healing Sessions

Personally, I love in person sessions. I miss seeing and being in the presence of my clients. Yet, I know how important ongoing support can be for my clients, no matter the location. 
Distance Healing is not new to the field of healing nor to me personally. Anyone who prays, chants, meditates, and abides in energy understands the depth and breadth distance healing offers. As the practitioner, I ground and anchor into my fullness within to hold an
abiding presence for the client during a session as I do in person sessions.
An intention for the session is set, I gently guide the client within themselves to become a self-observer of thoughts, emotions, sensations, memories, and/or nothingness will help keep us within a contained field. Somewhat familiar, right? Not too different from CST. It’s not about going outside to search for answers, the gift is in the holding of space, the attentive field of awareness, and following the body’s guidance, Inner Wisdom, Inner Physician, Inner Knowing , whatever you want to call this. 

Aside from individual distance healing sessions, beginning July I will also offer ongoing weekly group healing sessions with varied days and times. Stay tuned for the first date to be announced shortly.

Ruminating on the benefits of receiving distance healing is that it is within the comfort of your home, along with the practice of closing your eyes to diminish external stimulation, it offers exploration into your inner physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual terrain. Distance healing is subtle and powerful work that can expand your presence in awareness while enhancing your life experience.

I invite you to take time to peruse my new website, which will continue to evolve, and schedule your private online Distance Healing session.
If you know of anyone else who might be interested in learning about different ways to stay healthy, please share this with them.

Warm regards,

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