Honoring the life and passing of Henry Barnard Wesselman III (1941-2021)
Today, I'm honoring the passing of a great wisdom carrier, Henry Barnard Wesselman, III, known as Hank (1941-2021). He was a paleoanthropologist and shamanic teacher, who opened a broader awareness of my experience between and beyond this physical world.
A friend introduced me to Hank Wesselman at the long-ago gathering place in Sacramento, East West Book store. My friend was surprised that I had never heard or met Hank.
I was curious after my first encounter with Hank. Within a month, I found myself traveling to a Global Shamanic Gathering in New Mexico where I heard more stories from other Shamanic practitioners, received healings, and listened to Hank’s captivating recounts of his time in Africa and his dear Hawaiian friend, Hale Makua, his spiritual brother. This was also where I met his wife, Jill Kuykendall.
After listening to Hank’s stories, my soul set in motion a trip to the Big Island of Hawaii in hopes to meet Makua at the VisionSeeker III (VS 3) workshop in the Upper Worlds where Hank mentioned that Makua always came to impart his Aloha to the group. Hank spoke so highly of Makua that my heart longed to meet him. The Big Island had been the main place of residence for Hank and his family.
Before VS3, I had to take the VisionSeeker I seminar at the renowned Esalen Institute in Big Sur, where my conscious bridging between worlds began living on my drive after dusk in the heavy rain and dense fog, under an intermittently illuminating full moon on Highway 1. I prayed the entire way to make it there alive.
Although I never had the opportunity to meet Hale Makua before he passed that same year between my travel to New Mexico, Esalen and the Big Island. My shamanic journeys through Hank Wesselman’s and Jill Kuykendall’s SharedWisdom was multi-magnified, beyond extraordinary.
When Hank rattled in the circle or drummed, nature spoke, the air whispered, the elements came closer, ancestors gathered, the veil dropped, and visions would unfold. Countless stories of personal shared journeys, awakened richness of texture in both inner and outer sight, sound, and sensations. Treasures of experiences excavating further explorations and discoveries. Going through two of his deep dive Continuums, and a couple other advanced practitioner gatherings always met with heartfelt fulfillment where nature engaged, and the stars shone back at us.
The Sharedwisdom circles were sacred circles where Hank narrated his depth of knowledge through extensive studies and personal stories. His circles were raw and intimate and transforming. My growth in my inner vision stemmed from the sacred circles he held, and I bring this forward in my work. All my disciplines embody this practice. Always deepening. In this moment, I am reminded of Hank sharing his spiritual brother, Kahuna Nui Hale Kealohalani Makua's The Three Ihi Kapu Sacred Laws of Aloha:
  1. Love All that You See with Humility.
  2. Live All that You Feel with Reverence.
  3. Know All that You Possess with Discipline.
Hank, may you be reunited with your spiritual brother, Makua. And continue to watch over your family, friends, and all of us who love you dearly.
In heartfelt gratitude for my many experiential journeys, and my introduction to the dark side of the Sun.  ~ DeAnna

“Mythology reveals that shamanic experiences serve as catalysts that encourage us to grow beyond the known and engage in an adventurous quest into the unknown, into the world of things hidden.” Hank Wesselman, PhD.

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