My name is Lisa Marie, I am a practitioner of the healing arts with over 28 years of experience. My experience in the healing arts includes but is not limited to the following: goddess circles, fire pujas, lunar rituals, cleansing of negative space, death doula, meditation & mantra circles, Shamanic journey, soul retrieval, exorcisms, healing rituals, Reiki and temple set up, white fire cleanses. I refuse to take titles, because I feel most are over inflated and have lost their meaning today. I do not seek to promote myself, I only impart when spirit inclines me to do so, or a friend asks me to share. People come to me by word of mouth. I am a keeper of a womb (temple) that MA (Energy) has so graciously given to me to assist and hold space for others. This past year, Energy (MA-Universe), has called me to share and impart ceremonies. My love is creating sacred space so others can unfold their healing process and journey. We shall see where Spirit takes me this year.  

My paternal grandmother was a Curandera, and gave me my first Egg Limpia at the young age of 2 months old. She practiced healing rituals and used medicinal herbs and other healing modalities. My grandmother had breast cancer at age 21 and cured herself of breast cancer, thyroid cancer and lived to be 78 years old. My maternal grandmother was Native American, from the Apache Indian reservation.

All my life I grew up around healers, bone setters, medicine men and women. My family and I traveled many times to the Yucatán to seek out Mayan medicine men and women for healings. I have had several family members with cancer, we sought treatment from healers along with doctors. We spent much time in Mayan villages where pyramids were still covered with bushes and trees, not tourist areas by any means. I was raised to honor nature and all its beauty.  

At an early age, I had a passion for the magical healing arts. My earliest memory of my ancestral spirits appearing to me was at the age of 5-year-old. I became ill with E.coli from eating at a restaurant, hospitalized, and almost died. The doctor asked my mother to bring my family to the hospital to say goodbye to me, and a priest was called in to read me my last rites. I could see and feel my ancestors hovering around me, praying and chanting in Native language, a memory that is still very vivid to this day. I now know these were my Ancestral guardians. This was my first initiation into the spirit world. Right after my family came into the hospital room to say goodbye, my fever broke and my kidneys started working again. This is just one of three near-death experiences I have had. Each time, I have been protected and aware of the protection that was around me.  

I met my heart teacher Tau Malachi in 1992, learning what we call an oral tradition of magic and theurgy and the shamanic healing arts. Oral traditions are just that, they are passed down directly from teacher to student. The student learns by observing and direct transmission of energy from the teacher. Tau Malachi taught everything from but not limited to the following: Tibetan Buddhist Bon tradition, Egyptian magic, Kabbalistic mysticism, Shamanism and Sophian Gnosticism, where his heart lies today. We spent many summers out in the desert on shamanic journeys and vision quest, baptism, and empowerments.  

My love and passion are to hold sacred space for others, so that they can heal themselves. All beings are healers. In our tradition we do not seek to recruit or get members. Very few are called to the magical arts, it is usually only people who have encountered this energy in a previous life that are called to it. Ritual is life changing and not meant for the faint at heart. Ritual is always by invitation only. Sacred ritual is not something you can put a price on and is usually free other than an occasional love offering to pay for candles and incense, or other added expenses needed for the ritual work. I do believe in Giving and Receiving that too is a ritual experience and act of respect for both giver and receiver. Early on when I met my teacher, I did not have money, and I was barely making rent. My teacher never withheld the teachings from true seekers, I cleaned his house for years. Monetary exchange is not always feasible for everyone. 

May all beings be free from suffering and the causes of suffering; 

Lisa Marie

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